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The French West Indies are located near South America, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.
In the West Indies, it's summer all year round with a tropical climate softened by the trade winds. There are two periods: the dry season from December to June and the warmer wet season from June to December.
Several islands are surmounted by volcanoes. The highest is the Soufrière (1,467 m) which is on the island of Basse-Terre, in Guadeloupe.
The mixed population is made up of white creoles and descendants of slaves brought from Africa to cultivate sugar cane plantations that produce a rum considered to be the best in the West Indies. Banana is now the most important crop.
The rocky coastline offers beaches bathed by a turquoise sea with blond, white or black sand lined with coconut trees. The French West Indies have some of the most beautiful beaches in the West Indies.
It is a perfect destination to forget the winter, from December to April.

none La Guadeloupe

vacances vue mer guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is an archipelago composed of several islands and islets: Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, Marie-Galante, Les Saintes and La Désirade.
Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre form what is commonly called Guadeloupe. The Salty River separates the two islands whose appearance seen from plane looks like a butterfly.
Basse-Terre, to the west, is mountainous and covered with a dense tropical forest with numerous rivers and waterfalls. The Soufrière volcano rises to 1,467 meters. The coast offers black and red sand beaches. Deshaies is the main seaside resort of Basse-Terre. There are several beaches, including Grande Anse, the most famous beach in Guadeloupe. The small town with its typical Creole huts is nestled in a bay protected by the mountain.
In Grande-Terre, to the east, the largest resorts are located in the south of the island, with beautiful white sand beaches sheltered by a coral reef: Gosier, Sainte-Anne, Saint-François.
Marie-Galante is an island located in the south of Guadeloupe. It preserves a picturesque and authentic lifestyle, with respect for nature. The island offers beaches renowned throughout the Caribbean and lagoons lined with coral reefs. Marie-Galante is easily accessible from Pointe-à-Pitre.
Les Saintes is a small archipelago located in the south of Guadeloupe, west of Marie-Galante. Preserved from mass tourism, it is a privileged destination in the heart of the Caribbean with beautiful landscapes and beaches. It is a popular destination for cruises and boating.
La Désirade is located to the east of Grande-Terre. It is a limestone plateau with high cliffs. A coral reef protects the Beauséjour area, southeast of the island. La Désirade is just beginning to open up to tourism with the project to preserve its exceptional environment.
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none La Martinique

image CP martinique

La Martinique can be divided into two zones on either side of a Fort-de-France / Le Robert axis. The north is more mountainous and wild, with beautiful areas of rainforest. There are high volcanoes (Mount Pelé and pitons Carbet). The peninsula of La Caravelle, located on the Atlantic coast, is home to a nature reserve. The Atlantic coast is bordered by a coral reef.
The south is drier. The largest seaside resorts are located in the south: Trois-Ilets, Sainte-Luce, Sainte-Anne, Le Diamant. The South Atlantic offers the famous "white bottoms", transparent shallows waters (Le François, Le Vauclin).
Martinique offers beaches of black sand (north caribbean), blond sand (Tartane) or white sand (south of the island).
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none Saint-Martin

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Saint-Martin is divided into two parts, one French, the other Dutch. The French side is located in the north of the island topped by high hills called "mornes". There are dream beaches bathed with turquoise waters. L’Anse Marcel and Orient Bay are the most famous. Marigot is the main agglomeration.
St-Martin has suffered a lot from hurricanes in the fall of 2017 with 95% of buildings destroyed. Some hotels are scheduled to reopen in February or March, but there is little availability for Christmas. Contact the accommodation manager before booking.
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none Saint-Barthélemy

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Saint-Barthélemy is located 230 km northwest of Guadeloupe and 25 km southeast of Saint-Martin. The main city is Gustavia located in a beautiful site on a bay. Saint-Barthélemy is a tourist destination popular with the international jet set. It is a paradise of tropical relaxation, shopping and nightlife. Its sandy beaches are bathed by transparent waters whose temperature is never lower than 25 ° C.
Saint-Barthélemy also suffered hurricane Irma but the damage is less important than on Saint-Martin. In December, about 25% of hotels will be open and one or two five-star hotels will reopen in March. In summer 2018, 80% of hotels will be open. Contact the accommodation manager before booking.
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