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The French Basque Country
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Basque coast

The French Basque coast is located in the south of Landes, between the mouth of the river Adour in Anglet and the Spanish border materialized by the River Bidasoa.
Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, the Basque coastline is rocky and jagged. The Pyrenees form a beautiful background and offer pleasant possibilities for excursions. There are many beaches and old fishing ports converted to tourism. Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz are the most famous seaside resorts. The Basque Country is a place of tradition and gastronomy which has preserved the beauty of its landscapes. A footpath of 25 km long lines the coast from Bidart to Hendaye and offers beautiful views of the Bay of Biscay and beautiful sunsets.
It is also a high place for surfing, with spots known worldwide.
It is a place particularly pleasant in spring, with afternoons which offers summer temperatures.


sea in anglet

Anglet is located on theline between the Landes and the Basque Country, near Biarritz. There are 4.5 km of sandy beaches bordered by a beautiful promenade. The ocean can be violent in the area despite the construction of dams to break the waves. The beaches located at the mouth of the Adour are quieter. The pinewood offers pleasant walks.
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none Biarritz

sea in biarritz

Biarritz is one of the most prestigious seaside resorts on the French Atlantic coast with prestigious holidaymakers: Napoleon III, Queen Victoria, Edward VII and the Spanish king Alfonso XIII. You can find pleasant sandy beaches and a nice little fishing port. The powerful waves of the Atlantic Ocean have made it a famous surf spot around the world. It is a lively seaside resort all year round with a charming "Belle Epoque" atmosphere.
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none Bidart

sea in bidart

Bidart is a typically Basque village. Its coastline is characterized by long cliffs overlooking some beaches. The beach ilbarritz is the most popular. Between Bidart and Guethary, you can see the world famous wave "Parlementia". An international surfing competition is organized there every year.
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none Gu├ęthary

sea in guethary

Guéthary is an old whaling port. This small town has preserved its particular charm despite the influx of surfers attracted by the famous wave "Parlementia". Along the rocky coast, there are coves hidden from view and beaches with pebble and sand. The beaches offer beautiful views of the unspoilt environment.
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none St-Jean-de-Luz

sea in St-Jean-de-Luz

St-Jean-de-Luz is the only sheltered harbor between Arcachon and Spain. Its dikes protect the beaches from the fury of the Atlantic ocean. This famous seaside resort is a historic city that keeps the memory of the marriage of Louis XIV with the Infanta of Spain in 1660.
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none Ciboure

sea in ciboure

Ciboure is nestled in the bay of Socoa, shared with St-Jean-de-Luz. Ciboure is famous for its sandy beaches and its mild climate. The seafront road or "Basque Corniche" offers spectacular views of the Bay of Biscay and the Basque coast. One can still see many houses built in typical Basque style.
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none Hendaye

sea in hendaye

Hendaye is located on the border with Spain, on the Atlantic Ocean. Its sandy beach called "Grande Plage" is the longest of the Basque coast. Hendaye offers sandy beaches without too many waves thanks to the protection of Cape Figuier. The rocky coastline is dominated by the Pyrenees. There is a famous center of thalassotherapy. The climate is mild most of the year.
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