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gulf of morbihan

The Gulf of Morbihan
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gulf of morbihan

The Gulf of Morbihan is located in the south of Brittany. It is an inland sea covering a hundred square kilometers that gave its name to the department (Mor Bihan, meaning 'the little sea' in Breton). It is closed to the south by the Rhuys peninsula. The Gulf of Morbihan is dotted with many islands and islets. Many islands are private property, except the largest two, l'Île-aux-Moines and l'Île-d'Arz.
It is a popular destination for the beauty of the landscapes and the sheltered beaches. The water for swimming is generally warmer than in the ocean. There are many sailboats and picturesque harbors all along the coast. Come and enjoy oysters and shellfish in this area of oyster farming.

none Locmariaquer

sea locmariaquer

Locmariaquer is the north gate of the Gulf of Morbihan. You can enjoy sandy beaches facing south on the gulf or on the Atlantic Ocean. This small harbor offers a charming typical atmosphere. The town has become one of the most important oyster fisheries in Brittany. Many megaliths can be seen in the countryside.
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none Baden

sea baden

With a coastline of 37 km on the Gulf of Morbihan, Baden offers many picturesque sea views and many islands: Island Renaud, Grand Vezy, Petit Vezy and Sept Iles. In the village of Port-Blanc you can embark to the Île-aux-Moines. Sept Iles beach, near the island of the same name, is very pleasant.
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none Larmor-Baden

sea larmor baden

Larmor-Baden is located on the northern coast of the Gulf of Morbihan. Locmiquel beach is a nice sandy beach open to the Gulf. Larmor-Baden has 4 islands in its territory as the Berder island connected to the mainland by a submersible causeway and Gavrinis Island which houses one of the largest tumuli in Brittany.
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none L'Île-aux-Moines

sea ile aux moines

L'Île-aux-Moines is the largest island in the Gulf of Morbihan. Reached by boat in 5 minutes, it gives a great impression of escape. The southern tip of the island is remarkable for its Mediterranean vegetation. Its small village, its beaches and its nature trails make it a pleasant quiet refuge for sea lovers.
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none Arradon

sea arradon

Arradon is located near Vannes, on the north shore of the Gulf of Morbihan. Arradon offers 15 kms of south-facing coastline, a beach and coves for swimming with family and coastal paths for hiking. The Arradon’s Cape offers a beautiful view on the Ile aux Moines and the Irus island. A marina expects sailing lovers.
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none Vannes

sea vannes

Vannes is nestled in the bottom of the Gulf of Morbihan. It is a medieval walled city that watches over a harbor full of sailboats. It contains one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Britanny. The peninsula of Conleau offers a sandy beach. You can embark there to the island of Arz.
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none I'île d'Arz

sea ile d'Arz

L'île d'Arz is located in the Gulf of Morbihan, near Vannes where you can embark. With its mild climate, its preserved nature and its sandy beaches, it is an authentic destination for those looking for calm and peace. There is a beautiful tidal mill.

none Séné

sea sene

Séné is located at the bottom of the Gulf of Morbihan, in the south of Vannes. It is a peninsula with 47 km of jagged coastline that offers many small beaches and ports, including Port Anna where you can embark for the Ile d'Arz. Senna has four islands: Boëd, Boëdic, Mancel and Béchit. The "pink house", emblematic of the gulf, marks the entrance of the Vannes river. The Séné Marshes Nature Reserve is home to many migratory birds. Séné gave their name to the sinagots, flat-bottomed boats with red sails, typical of the Gulf.

none Saint-Armel

sea st armel

Saint-Armel is located at the bottom of the gulf, on the peninsula of Rhuys, about fifteen kilometers in the south of Vannes. There are several islands on its territory, including Tascon Island and Bailleron Island. The seaside consists mainly of marshes.

none Sarzeau

sea sarzeau

Sarzeau is a popular destination that occupies a large part of the Rhuys Peninsula, located between the Gulf of Morbihan and the Atlantic Ocean. The coast on the Gulf is jagged with small sandy coves and capes. The small port of Logéo is very picturesque. Ocean side, there is a succession of long sandy beaches. The castle of Suscinio was a residence of the dukes of Brittany.
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none Arzon

sea arzon

Arzon is located on the Rhuys peninsula, between the Morbihan Gulf and Quiberon Bay. Arzon is divided into two very different seaside resorts. Port Navalo kept an old world charm with its traditional fishing harbour on the Gulf and its sandy beach. Le Crouesty is an new village with the largest marina in Brittany, open to the ocean.
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none Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys

sea Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys

Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys is located in the south of the Rhuys peninsula You can find a jagged rocky coastline with creeks and sandy beaches. The main beach is Goh Velin, long over a mile, which offers a beautiful view of the Quiberon Bay and islands. It is a family destination with unspoilt coastline and a nice coastal path.
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none Damgan

sea Damgan

Damgan is a peninsula located between the Rhuys peninsula and the Vilaine estuary. There are nearly 8km of south-facing beaches. Pénerf ria, to the west, is devoted to oysters. The pond of the Loch, at the back of the beach Landrezac, is home to seabirds. Keroyal is a beach sheltered of the prevailing winds. The coastline is lined by a walking path.
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none Billiers

sea Billiers

Billiers is located on the right bank of the Vilaine estuary, in the southeast of Morbihan. It is an old fishing village. Penlan headland became a charming tourist spot with a drying harbour and beaches mixing sand and shells.
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